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About Foothills Tree Experts

  • a family owned company
  • in business since 1976
  • free estimates
  • available 365 days/year

About arborist Kevin Walker:

  • He loves trees and still climbs them.
  • A certified professional arborist, Kevin knows trees.
  • He is licensed to work around power lines.
  • Safety and quality are Kevin’s primary concerns.
  • He says, “A tree does not need to be cut down if there’s a way to save it.”

Foothills Tree Experts is a family owned company and has been in business since 1976.  Kevin Walker, owner and manager, is a certified professional arborist through the Tree Care Industry Association and the International Society of Arboriculture.  He is also licensed to work around power lines, a job that is dangerous and unlawful without proper training and certification.

Kevin Walker’s main concern is the safety of his customers and the health and safety of every tree he handles.  He sticks by his ideal that, “A tree does not need to be cut down if there is a way to save it.”  Few tree removal companies consider this, but it’s the philosophy that Kevin brings to his work.

If you are in need of tree services by a professional who knows and loves trees, and you live in Northern Colorado, call Foothills Tree Experts for a free estimate.


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We’re available for emergency tree or branch removal 365 days a year and are happy to help you!

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