Eliminate a Disease Problem

Eliminate a Disease Problem

Contact us for tree sanitation in Fort Collins, CO

If a disease or pests are taking over an area of woodlands on your property, it may become impossible to treat. Foothills Tree Experts offers tree sanitation services in the Fort Collins, CO area when you need to eliminate a pest or disease problem.

Tree sanitation involves the harvesting of trees in order to clear out a problem before it spreads to nearby trees. It’s a preventive measure that aims to:

  • Get rid of the affected trees
  • Remove affected branches
  • Protect healthy trees
We do our best to assess the condition of your trees and remove or prune only those that aren’t healthy. Contact Foothills Tree Experts today for tree sanitation in the Fort Collins, CO area.

Save as many trees as you can

Once disease enters the main stem or trunk, it’s nearly impossible to treat. We’ll help you avoid having to deal with disease by taking preventive measures against the spread of the problem.

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