Foothills Tree Experts

Now Hiring

Open Positions:

Tree Work Ground Labor
Certified Climber
**ISA certification guarantees a higher wage
**Hourly rate based on qualifications and experience

Possible Requirements (may include but not limited to):

•Registered Professional Forester
•TRAQ Arborist
•Project Management Professional (PMP)
•ISA Certified Arborist, or ability to obtain ISA certification within 6 months
•ISA Utility Specialist is a plus

The Tree Climber Specialist role provides knowledgeable tree pruning and removal according to ANZI A300 standards. They make cuts using chainsaws, handsaws, and pole saws. They climb and traverse trees using saddles, ropes, and pulleys. They also use extensive rigging techniques to move equipment in and out of trees, and lower parts of the tree to the ground.