If you have recently planted a young tree in your yard, it is important to give your sapling a fighting chance with some supplemental support and stability. With the harsh northern Colorado weather against it, winds and storms could break and damage your tree, and could cause property damage in the process. This is where tree cabling by a professional arborist comes into play.


New young trees can be an excellent addition to your home or office green space that will live on for decades. Saplings require more care, maintenance, and fertilization than mature trees, especially in Colorado. Because of our dry climate, new trees sometimes have a difficult time finding nutrients and water in the soil to sustain their life. As part of their tree service Foothills Tree Experts offers a thorough fertilization process that provides the nutrients your trees need to thrive.

Disease Diagnosis

Unfortunately, trees are subject to disease and may slowly weaken over time. They can become structurally unstable and leave the rest of your greenery and your home at risk. If you suspect that you have a sick or dying tree, our professional arborist can diagnose your tree’s situation. If the tree can be saved, Foothills Tree Experts will suggest ways to bring it back to health.

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