Spring is the ideal time for pruning most trees, though flowering trees and shrubs should be pruned after they bloom to maximize next year’s flowers.

Trees that are not properly pruned will eventually become unsafe, like the overcrowded broken trees in the photo.

To unblock views, clear pathways, and prevent that branch from scraping your roof, call us for expert tree trimming.

Tree Pruning in Fort Collins, CO

Pruning is done for the health of the tree. Trees have a tough time in Colorado’s bipolar climate, especially in Fort Collins and along the Front Range. Trees suffer from ferocious winds, heavy snows and blistering heat that can easily damage them if they are not kept in proper condition.

As a Certified Arborist with many years experience, Kevin knows how to gently prune a tree so the wind blows through, the snow sticks less, and the heat is less detrimental. These specialized tree pruning techniques make trees stronger and safer, and create a more beautiful environment. A well-pruned fruit tree will also bear more fruit on strong lower branches because there will be more light getting through.

In addition to pruning, we are also expert tree trimmers, which involves clearing larger branches in order to prevent them from becoming obstructions to a building, a power line, or just a treasured view.

To save trees from snow, wind and heat, and make them more beautiful, have them pruned by Foothills Tree Experts. Contact Us for a free estimate today!